Alle berichten door rolfhuet

In hindsight, my art career started during my years as a medical student, copying occasionally some impressionists pantings from the great masters, like Monet (the bridge at Argenteuil), Renoir (Bal du Moulin de la Galette) and Degas (portrait of a young girl). Also some stone and wood carving. Then for 25 years nothing the like. Around 2000, I started following some courses stone sculpuring at the Beeldhouwersschool in Groningen. During the following years I made several stone sculptures from all different kinds of stone, Serpentine ( a book shelf rest), white Alabaster (my right hand), Vaurion (a hard type of French Chalk stone, a birds water basin, shaped like a Catalpa leaf), red Travertine (again a bookshelf rest, this time my left hand vingers and thumb), white Marble ( a right hand carrying a pink Soapstone torch, as a tribute to the olympics game) and opal Serpentine (a portrait of a lady with luxuriant hair). Also, I made my first bronze (Daphne), inspired by the Marble sculpture Daphne and Apollo by Bernini. From 2012 onwards I devoted structurally more time to sculpturing, choosing more difficult kinds of stone (above 5 on Mohs scale) Diabas, Milas Kirmizi (an impressive dark red Turkish Marble, with blue specks), Whamani, Granite and even Jade (for an ornamental necklace, a commission). These types of stone need specialized equipment, but have so to say more compressed geological secrets from a time long past, which may be retrieved after intensive polishing. During the winter I also make bronze figurines. I try to give them some empathic feeling and make them aesthically attractive. Most figurines have a humorous side also. In 2015 I started to work on wood again. Gouges and chisels, but also a sculpturing ax and chain saw carving. Wood gives sculptures definitely a different feeling. Painting is not dropped, but less nurtured. However I like to create a personal dedicated painting, that will add to the interior architecture. As a member of the Dutch medical art society, Pincet en Penseel, I contribute to exhibitions in hospitals.